Grow with us!

To keep our prices low and events accessible, we offer opportunities for volunteers and collaborators to trade their time and effort for class passes. To keep Just Naked growing, we train Builders on how to hold effective naked space (in almost any activity). While we happily consider any offerings of support or collaboration, the positions listed below are a priority. Like nearly everything else at Just Naked, this is an experiment. Perhaps you can think of other perks we can offer? Let us know!


space is the place

We’re constantly on the lookout for spaces to host our events. We consider social nudity to be therapeutic, and a beautiful space goes a long way to facilitating that growth. Perhaps you can help! If you have access to spaces that would suit our needs, we’d like to hear from you. Here are some things we look for in a great space:

daylight friendly | opaquely curtained windows | private bathroom | accessible by public transport | sound system | quiet | heated

If you have a space in mind, please get in touch.


Helping Hands

If you have the time, here are a few ways to help*:

The Assistant is flexible, able to help in many different ways including errands, registration, and set-up.

The Gatekeeper controls entry into the event, checks ID’s. Depending on the event, the Gatekeeper may join the group or may need to continue controlling entry and exit.

The Publicist distributes educational materials, stickers, and swag anywhere legally possible.

Maybe you have another skill you’d like to trade for classes? Get in touch!

*With anyone who works in & for Just Naked, for trade or pay, our goal is to be fair. Trust that compensation will be an ongoing conversation. Paid gigs are not out of the question when trading for classes is impractical or unfair.


calling all Creatives

Just Naked was created by artists who reluctantly tread into the dark waters of business (eewww). While our main priority is to Normalize Naked, in our hearts we really just want to create captivating stuff and help people grow. If you are skilled in photography/video (and editing), graphic design, music, dance, or anything else, please reach out and let’s see how we can work together. Here are a few ways you can get involved:

  • hold a workshop to teach your craft*

  • attend an event and publish your thoughts

  • hold a naked concert or collaborate with an existing event

  • film one of our events or hold a photo shoot

  • become a Builder and design your own event!

    If you’d like to get involved, please say hi.

*don’t worry if you’re not a pro. Just Naked is about holding great naked space, and the activity is secondary to clothes-freedom.



Central to the success of Just Naked, the Builder Program trains folks to hold naked space of just about any kind. After we teach you the nuances of this role and you attend a few of our events, you’ll be set up with the resources to build your own group. Finding participants, space, and dealing with ticketing will be a breeze after you’re connected into our Builder network. For now, the training is free (aside from the cost of a background check). If you’re wondering what type of group you could possibly create, check out and let your imagination run wild. To start, you can volunteer or sign up to be a sub for one of our existing events. You can copy an existing event and offer it to a new audience (such as “under 35” or “women or men only”), or offer the class in a new location. You can apply to become a Builder by clicking here.