Diversity and Collaboration

Shortly after Lea and I conceived of the idea to create a network of pop-up naked events, all operating under the same general principles, we started to see that this exact concept has been out in the world for a little while. Just in the last two years, Nude Centre has functioned as a directory for naked happenings. Additionally, Shungaboy from Men’s Naked Drawing is starting another hub (nude) for people to find naked happenings. The idea is catching on, and this is wonderful! Just Naked will always have its own way of doing things (ever evolving, if we’re lucky). We look forward to collaborating with these urban naked pioneers to create a bunch of amazing things. If you haven’t already, please check out Shai’s nudecentre.com for (mostly male) naked happenings all over the world. Coming soon, we will be co-hosting Shungaboy’s naked men’s drawing groups though our platform (so happy to get more stuff on here for the boys). It’s a bright future!

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Adam Schwietert