Naked Photoshoot

Just Nakd Nyc Naked Shooting

Elsa Marie Keefe is a nude in nature fine art photographer based in New York City. She has exhibited around the country and her work is continually growing. She has been shooting herself, friends, acquaintances, and anyone who loves to be naked in nature for many years. As time progresses, her work has grown along with her vision. The ongoing theme and motivation behind the work is to highlight the inherent connection that we have with the earth, to remind us that we, as humans, must respect, honor, and care for the land that is our home, for we are all one. The photographs are taken in nature, void of any manmade objects in order to create a timeless, universal aesthetic. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2019 she will be shooting a large group nude at Inwood Park in upper Manhattan. Please meet at 10 am on the lower east corner of the park. Text or email her for exact cross streets & questions.


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