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I’m an immigrant, transdisciplinary artist, community maker, teacher, and creator’s counselor, dancer, healer and ritual maker. Basing my work in body intelligence; I combine arts, relationships and human awareness practices, ancestral and systemic focus, and the mystic  to gestate experiences that outline our impact as the creators of our own lives, and put awareness on the dynamics that bind us to each others and to greatest intelligence. I’m at the service of linking people in an intimate way, sharing practices that catalyze us toward unicity―the quality of being one of a kind. Evil and cruelty grow in ignorance and the sense of scarcity; that is why the pillars of my life are attention, compassion, and comprehension. I’m designing a community project, which brings together culture-makers, artists, healers, and visionaries. The home of it is Residencia in Brooklyn, (, and next, CAMP in Oaxaca, Mexico, (, that  that will be open in 2020 to host retreats and community experiments.


I am a Venezuelan immigrant walking uncharted paths with tools to transform challenges. I’ve learned in classrooms of universities, institutions, schools as well as from legitimate and humble teachers who hold ancient traditions, from great experimental creators who share their inspiration with me, and from my contemporaries, who lead today social changes and create new culture in response to this world. Having lived in different countries gives me a various perspective of reality and too I am a self-taught person. 


In Venezuela I worked with victim/perpetrator and grief/celebration when I was doing systemic practices from the Hellinger Sciencia. In Argentina, I taught about being vacant and mapping an uncharted path to other artists, within a method called the Unknown Art, Arte Desconocido, developed in the CMC, Center of the Movement of Creation, Centro del Movimiento Creador, born In Venezuela. I have practiced ecosexuality all my live without knowing that name. In Venezuela I also did systemic work with the LGBTQ+ community. I have led groups for the liberation of racism. I am studying with Malidoma Patrice Somé african indigenous technologies to learn more about holding rituals and incorporating multiple layers of reality, visible and invisible. 


I am writing a Manifesto with the artist Judith Hilen Mugrabi from Argentina, with who I co-created @hilaroval ― an online platform of empowerment. I am researching a new media theater peace with the artist Balbelys Herrera, living in Brazil. I co-direct Residencia with Anthony Lione, a gallery of experiences in Brooklyn, where visionaries practice their discoveries. I teach classes there, and in festivals, including Touch&Play, Dark Odyssey, Burning Man, Connection Camp, etc. 


I am mixed-race: European, African, and American indigenous people are in my lineage. I have explored this identity in many ways. When I studied literature and visual arts in the University I took classes and did sessions to reflect on the Latin American identity in the history of the world and in the art. Then, with systemic practices I went deep into the ancestral dynamics that are incorporated into my ethnicity, working with the inheritances from each of the races that make up my identity. I do Reevaluation Counseling (RC), a practice that has in their main objective the elimination of racism. I have discharged and thought about the oppressions that my race has lived as well as about internalized racism. When I teach I have a global perspective and I celebrate the difference, just as I am aware of the different oppressions that could be playing in a mixed race community, providing a safe space so that everyone can feel included and seen. Likewise, my corporeality invites the body of others to participate uninhibited from the patterns and anguishes that are immanent to each racial group. 


I have explored my gender expression in my relationships and the roles that each person plays in them, and in my sexual expression. This will impact the way I teach and build a mixed-gender and gender non-conforming community because I will provide activities taking into account the different identities that each person chooses. 

I am married in an un-fenced relationship with my beloved, Anthony Lione.