Maybel is an immigrant, trans-disciplinary artist, community maker, teacher, creator’s counselor, dancer, healer, and ritual maker. Basing her work in body intelligence; she combines arts, relationships, human awareness practices, ancestral and systemic focus, and the mystic. With these practices, she gestates experiences which outline our impact as the creators of our own lives; focusing awareness on the dynamics that bind us to each other and to the greatest intelligence. She is at the service of linking people in an intimate way, sharing practices that catalyze us toward unity―the quality of being one of a kind. “Evil and cruelty grow in ignorance and the sense of scarcity. This is why the pillars of my life are attention, compassion, and comprehension”. She is designing a community project which brings together culture-makers, artists, healers, and visionaries. This project is underway at Residencia in Brooklyn, NY (, and at CAMP (opening in 2020) in Oaxaca, Mexico, (, where we will host retreats and community experiments.

Adam Schwietert