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Naked Board Game Night

  • Residencia [Flatbush] 55 Linden Blvd Brooklyn, NY, 11226 United States (map)
Just naked nyc board game

Join us for our first Board Game Night! Games will skew towards the fun and the social over the strategic and mathematical. Sample Games that may be played include: Codenames, Spyfall, Dixit, Pit, Wits & Wagers, Pictionary, When I Dream and whatever players desire. This is a focus on more modern board games. Guests may bring a favorite game if they so desire. This event is held at Residencia, and access information will be sent after ticket purchase. If you do not receive access instructions, please check your spam folder before emailing


6:50 - doors open, attendees undress as they arrive
7:15 - doors closed, introductions/brief preamble
7:30 - open board game playing, led by Stew
9:30 - start to wrap up the games, socializing until event ends
9:45 - event ends, attendees depart by 10


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- DOORS CLOSE at 7:15. Latecomers will not be allowed entry to this event.

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About Stu: A game host of great experience, Stu managed a board game store for over a decade. He has "game-sommelier" skill and experience, able to pick the right game for a person and/or crowd and facilitate in fun, clear and helpful ways. As to social nudism, he puts emphasis on the social. Drawn to the nude activities for the way it strips away indicators of class and difference and the for the interesting people attracted to the experience. He finds that most potential and first-timer participants over-think social nudism. It’s much easier and less complicated than you imagine; and hopefully rewarding in ways you won't know until you've tried.


Just Naked’s Principles

These are the principles that guide most of our events. Event leaders are allowed some flexibility, so please read the details of each event before attending. While these guidelines are common sense for most, our goal is to calmly guide anyone for whom this information is not obvious.


Subjectively Naked

For our coed events, men need to be fully nude and women are allowed to wear bottoms. Why? For a woman, going topless or even breastfeeding in public can be seen as a subversive or erotic display, while men enjoy much more clothes-freedom. Because nudity may present menstruating women and trans people with technical or psychological difficulties, we allow anyone with these concerns to wear bottoms and any other gender-affirming devices (breastplates/packers/etc).


Cruise Control

Cruising means looking for a date or sex. You might be perceived as a cruiser if you do any of the following:

- ask someone to meet outside of the event

- ask about someone’s relationship status

- compliment someone’s physical features

- maintain a close distance during conversation

- follow someone around an event (be friendly, not clingy)

- stare at a person’s body during conversation


There are some circumstances when the above behaviors might be appropriate at a platonic event, but this is not likely to be the case between two people who barely know each other. We suggest that you err on the side of caution if you have any doubt. If you are the recipient of unwanted attention, please inform an event coordinator and/or ask the person to stop.


Verbal Consent

Nudity is not an invitation. At our events, you must ask permission before touching anyone with whom you are not very familiar. This includes non-sexual touch, such as a hand on the shoulder or a hug.


The Erection Question

Men, if you feel yourself getting an erection, please know that this is a very NORMAL bodily function; however, we are trying to uncouple and distinguish the difference between nudity and explicit sexuality (and yes, it's possible!). We ask that you become aware of your arousal, take a moment to yourself to celebrate the fact you are human and then to please excuse yourself until your fire cools. We don't want to shame any erections, but want to be respectful to others in the group.



If you meet someone at one of our events, then see that person outside of the event (or find them online), do not mention anything about Just Naked. Some people need to keep their participation private and we respect that.



Ask permission before photographing or recording anyone, even if you think they are unidentifiable in the shot.


No Drugs

While some of our events allow responsible BYOB, this will never be the featured activity. If you are visibly intoxicated, you will be asked to leave.



Please tell us if anyone makes you feel uncomfortable at our events or associated online platforms. We'll do our best to address the situation without outing you to them.


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