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Naked Shuttle: NYC to Rock Lodge + Party Games!

Rock Lodge Club is the nearest clothes-free community to New York City. Offering a lake, dense woodland, spa, and various game/sport arenas, it has a little something for every-naked-body. The pilgrimage to this magical place is now made easier, and more fun, with the Just Naked Shuttle. After many public transit bus trips (and expensive taxis), Lea and Adam decided to create a more practical option for folks to make the trip. An impromptu hike, yoga class, or other group activity may materialize once we arrive and get a sense of what people would like to do. Before buying a ticket, please see the schedule and notes below for important details. We’ve added instructions in the notes for anyone who is considering public transit/taxi.

Naked Party Games :

4-6 pm, meet on the badminton court

Party Games will skew towards the fun and the social over the strategic and mathematical. Sample Games that may be played include: Codenames, Spyfall, Dixit, Pit, Wits & Wagers, Pictionary, When I Dream, and whatever players desire. This is a focus on more modern board games. Guests may bring a favorite game if they so desire. Be sure to catch Kim's yoga class on the badminton court beforehand (2pm) as a warm up for gaming. Join us afterwards for a potluck meal at the bungalow (you don’t need to attend the games to enjoy the potluck - please bring something to share!).

***IMPORTANT*************PLEASE READ**************************************

  • You must have prior approval from Rock Lodge Club to visit. We will ask to see your confirmation email before boarding the shuttle. This process takes 1-2 business days. You can apply here:*

  • This ticket only covers your shuttle trip, not the club access fee. The club charges half price for first timers, with discounts for couples and people under 35.

  • The club does not sell food. You will need to bring your own if you want to eat. There are barbecues and a kitchen for your enjoyment. 

***IMPORTANT*************PLEASE READ**************************************


9:00 - Meet at the pick-up point: 75 Varick St, New York, NY 10013 (have your ID ready)

9:15 - Shuttle departs for Rock Lodge Club, check-in and tour for newcomers

10:30 - Arrival at Rock Lodge Club

~~~~~enjoy the club~~~~~

7:15 - last call to board the Shuttle

7:30 - Depart RLC to NYC

9:00 - Drop off at 75 Varick St, New York, NY 10013

* If you plan to stay overnight, please visit to view other shuttle dates for return to NYC.

**This event is operated by Just Naked LLC, and is not controlled by the management of Rock Lodge Club. 


- Tickets are only sold online. First timers, please allow 24 hours for Rock Lodge Club to approve your visit before purchasing a ticket. You can buy tickets here:

- Shuttle departs at 9:15 AM. Latecomers will be left behind, without a refund.

- This ticket only gets you from NYC to the club gate. The club fee is not included. Visitor fees range from $13-45 for singles, and can be viewed in full here: You must make prior arrangements for club access here:

- After buying a ticket, check your email for further information. If you do not see the email, please contact

- Please consider RSVP'ing to this event on Meetup. This helps us a lot with attendance and only takes a few clicks starting here:

Other travel options: 

By Bus from Port Authority

Take the 194 bus to Newfoundland Rte 23 (1h30 min and $12 each way). Once at the Newfoundland stop, order an uber, lyft, or call a taxi. It can take a while for the apps to connect as there aren’t so many drivers active out there. When you do find a driver, I recommend asking for their cell number to arrange a pick up in the evening. It’s more difficult to connect with a driver later in the day. We have paid anywhere from $10-20 each way (from the bus stop to the club) for the taxi. Traveling round-trip from NYC to RLC in this manner, you should plan for 4 hours of travel time and $55 for a single person ($80 for two people). 


Taking a car directly from NYC to RLC is between $150-250 each way, depending on the day/time. In the evening at the club it is sometimes difficult to connect with a car on the apps.


If you have a license, you can easily rent a car with the peer-to-peer app Turo. For car-pooling, feel free to post on our platforms requesting or offering a ride. I’ve used it a bunch and find it really easy and affordable. Get $25 off your first trip here:

Carpool: Join the NYC to RLC carpool whatsapp group:

Meet the hosts:


Stu: A game host of great experience, Stu managed a board game store for over a decade. He has "game-sommelier" skill and experience, able to pick the right game for a person and/or crowd and facilitate in fun, clear and helpful ways. As to social nudism, he puts emphasis on the social. Drawn to the nude activities for the way it strips away indicators of class and difference and the for the interesting people attracted to the experience. He finds that most potential and first-timer participants over-think social nudism. It’s much easier and less complicated than you imagine; and hopefully rewarding in ways you won't know until you've tried.

lea panduccio

About Lea: Léa is an hand-embroidery artist. She founded Just Naked after spending a summer at a nudist camp with her husband Adam. Before realizing her love of clothes-free living, she designed and hand-embroidered garments. She still loves embroidery as a craft, but is expanding her artistic capacities to include photography and watercolor.  She enjoys working with artists to create content for Just Naked, crafting an aesthetic which reflect the gentle freedom of platonic nudity.


About Adam: Adam started Just Naked with the idea that city-dwellers might be open to experiencing nudity within the confines of their rat-infested metropoles. While he believes convening with nature is still the best way to do it, he understands that some people just can’t be convinced to subject their flesh to destructive UV rays and mosquitoes. He studied jazz music before moving to NYC to model in 2013. Teaching yoga and doing massage led him to understand how profoundly disconnected many people were from their bodies. He started teaching naked yoga in 2016, and considers Just Naked as an expansion of that endeavor. His goal is to offer folks an opportunity to shed their insecurities, piece by piece, as they do their clothes at Just Naked events.


Just Naked’s Principles - PVC

Participation: We ask that you are fully engaged at our events. Yes, getting naked is an experience in and of itself, but please arrive with curiosity and the energy to participate in the theme of the event. Another facet of participation is arriving with a clear mind. While responsible BYOB is sometimes allowed, visible intoxication is not.

Vulnerability: This Principle arose from the need to clarify the subjectivity of being naked. A woman going topless publicly, however legal it might be, is likely to arouse a negative response from most crowds. For this reason, we accept that a woman’s edge of vulnerability might mean keeping their bottoms on at our events. For men, we invite you to discover your edge of vulnerability in other ways. Perhaps you cross your arms during conversation? Uncross your arms to feel what that’s like. Maybe you’re afraid of looking stupid when you dance? Attend our Movement and Connection event to explore that fear and move beyond it. If you do not identify with the male or female archetypes, or are transitioning gender, please do whatever suits your needs. Our Builders are knowledgeable about these experiences and eager to help you. 

Cohesion: For Just Naked, Cohesion means connecting with others in the spirit of openness and respect. When we do this collectively, we create social unity. In this unity, we are most effective at normalizing naked within the local and global communities.  Respect means treating others how they would like to be treated. This may be difficult to intuit, so we ask that you familiarize yourself with our full FAQ.


*** Erections ***

Men, if you feel yourself getting an erection, please know that this is a very normal bodily function; however, we are trying to uncouple and distinguish the difference between nudity and explicit sexuality (and yes, it's possible!). We ask that you become aware of your arousal, take a moment to yourself to celebrate the fact you are human and then to please excuse yourself until your fire cools. We don't want to shame any erections, but want to be respectful to others in the group.

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  • In our ongoing effort to increase attendance among under-represented populations, Just Naked is now offering scholarships for those experiencing a financial hardship. Apply here:

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