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The Naked Shake

  • Residencia [Ditmas Park] 55 Linden Boulevard Brooklyn, NY, 11226 United States (map)

Durational Shaking is an ancient movement practice that has been used by many cultures across the globe for millennia. It originates from the Kalahari Bushman of Southern Africa, who are believed to be the ancestral culture for all of humanity, and is often referred to as, “the oldest medicine on Earth”. Similar to meditation, where the body is giving a still posture to rest within, shaking gives the body a repetitive pattern of movement to follow. At some point, it is no longer our will that is deciding to shake; it feels as if we are being shook, surfing on built momentum.

Shaking allows us to let go of our focus on thinking and drop into the heart. It gets us in touch with our True Nature; the Essence of of our Being that Aches to be Alive, to Breath Fresh air, to Smile, to Love Deeply. It is equally a healthy practice for bodies that are tense and stressed as it is for those who are lethargic and weary, and everyone in between. This is for anyone excited to shake, and is not exclusive to experienced movers. Folks who feel the need may wear sports bras to provide comfort. This event is held at Residencia, and access information will be sent after ticket purchase. If you do not receive access instructions, please check your spam folder before emailing


10:50 - doors open, clothed mingling
11:15 - doors closed, brief preamble, disrobing
11:30 - naked shake, led by kai
12:30 - socializing, sharing
1:00 - event ends, clear the space



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- DOORS CLOSE at 11:15. Latecomers will not be allowed entry to this event.

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-Some people find that durational shaking creates discomfort in the breasts and genitals. Please consider bringing a sports bra, jock strap, or other device to prevent this during the shake. Nudity is mandatory before and after the shake.


About Kaï Sunrise: I am a genderfluid, non-binary leaning woman / creature of many interdisciplinary expressions. My supreme wish is for humanity to find its ability to love itself and the beautiful Earth from which it was birthed. The ways in which I express this wish is through movement, dance, voice, performance, poetry, philosophy, spirituality, visual art, ritual, meditation and all expressions of being and becoming around and between these mediums. I believe that what is being explored at the core of each medium is not intrinsic to the medium, and am interested in finding pathways of transverse communication. Currently, I am working on an autobiographical solo performance in which I explore ancestral wounds of severance with body and Earth. This piece will be shown May 16/17/18 at Residencia in Brooklyn.



Just Naked’s Principles - PVC


Participation: We ask that you are fully engaged at our events. Yes, getting naked is an experience in and of itself, but please arrive with curiosity and the energy to participate in the theme of the event. Another facet of participation is arriving with a clear mind. While responsible BYOB is sometimes allowed, visible intoxication is not.


Vulnerability: This Principle arose from the need to clarify the subjectivity of being naked. A woman going topless publicly, however legal it might be, is likely to arouse a negative response from most crowds. For this reason, we accept that a woman’s edge of vulnerability might mean keeping their bottoms on at our events. For men, we invite you to discover your edge of vulnerability in other ways. Perhaps you cross your arms during conversation? Uncross your arms to feel what that’s like. Maybe you’re afraid of looking stupid when you dance? Attend our Movement and Connection event to explore that fear and move beyond it. If you do not identify with the male or female archetypes, or are transitioning gender, please do whatever suits your needs. Our Builders are knowledgeable about these experiences and eager to help you.


Cohesion: For Just Naked, Cohesion means connecting with others in the spirit of openness and respect. When we do this collectively, we create social unity. In this unity, we are most effective at normalizing naked within the local and global communities.  Respect means treating others how they would like to be treated. This may be difficult to intuit, so we ask that you familiarize yourself with our full FAQ.


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