Hey NYC, let’s
Normalize Naked.


Events that feel just naked- nothing more and nothing less.


Local Events

We believe that community engagement is the most effective way towards our mission. By engaging with neighbors and communities at large, we learn to celebrate differences, empower healthy individuality, and realize fundamental commonality.

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Thoughtful Space

Being naked means many different things to people. For some it’s erotic, and others simply freeing. For some it’s a chance to show off and other it’s a chance to challenge their insecurities. Many of these issues are unique to gender and age, and some concerns are neutralized in same-sex spaces. We have unique and progressive rules that help to address these nuanced issues.

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Just Naked NYC

The Builders

The Builder Program trains people to hold safer naked space in almost any activity. If you want to create an event, teach a class, or co-host one of our existing events, please get in touch. Training is free!

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