#5 How to Take Your Clothes Off

Matthew an author, nudism advocate, and the moderator of the nudism subreddit. His book How to Take Your Clothes Off: A Guide to Nudism for the Interested Beginner is available on Amazon for $3.99 (and I highly recommend it). Aside from his book, we talked about: how he got into moderating the nudism subreddit; the future of nudism; the importance of joining local and national organizations (even if you don’t attend their events); updating the narrative and presentation of modern-day clothes-freedom; women in nudism; and vulnerability. If you enjoy the Just Naked podcast, please rate us on iTunes and share this episode with your friends.

Adam Schwietert
#4 - Ambassadors of Change

Martin Novoa is actively involved with many organizations which promote clothes-free access to public spaces. This conversation covers a wide variety of topics related to nudism in the modern world. Topics discussed: South Florida Free Beaches (and their Beach Ambassadors program), how to lobby a local government to open a nude beach, the economic impact of nude beaches, Blind Creek Beach, Treasure Coast Naturists, Haulover Beach, Hutchinson Island, Apollo Beach, political lobbyists for nudism, the ACLU’s protection of nudity, Ocala National Forest, AANR, Hampstead Heath, the Orient Land Trust, the (de)evolution of showering and swimming nude, his experience of getting arrested for nude sunbathing on a nude beach, neurotic modesty, Friends of Mazo Beach, Tampa Area Naturists, Florida Young Naturists

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#3 - Nudism and Climate Change

Maybel Ovalles is a poet, immigrant, and the creative force behind many Just Naked happenings. She hosts our popular Poetry Open Mic and Movement & Connection events and will offer a few new events in the coming months. Just Naked would not have grown so quickly without the support of her and her husband Anthony, who generously donated their home (Residencia www.residencia.studio) to us for these and other Just Naked experiments in social nakedness. They are opening a naked camp in Zipolite Mexico in February 2020 (www.camp.is), the heart of a growing nudist movement in Mexico. In this podcast, we discuss nudity and climate change, the psychology of excess, furthering nakedness through poetry, and many other topics. You can reach Maybel directly at maybel@justnaked.com.

Adam Schwietert
#2 - Zipolite Festival Nudista

Do you know the legend of Zipolite? This small coastal town in Oaxaca has been a quiet destination gem for decades. Clothes-free beaches and open-minded locals have welcomed a steady stream of nudists since the 70’s, mostly European and Canadian. The secret may be out, with the beach transforming once a year into a three day celebration of body-liberty and self-awakening practices. In this show I speak with Juan Marcos Castaneda, one of the visionaries behind the Festival Natural Zipolite. We discussed: - how does a festival grow from just a few friends to five thousand people in 3 years? Why is the latin nudist movement so young? How can nudism heal unhelpful cultural conditioning in men and women?

Adam Schwietert
#1 - Naked Draws Nude

Megan and Andy discuss their experiences as nude art models, their first Just Naked events, and how they’ve grown from social clothes-freedom. Find out more about their Naked Draws Nude event at justnaked.com/events.

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