#4 - Ambassadors of Change

Martin Novoa is actively involved with many organizations which promote clothes-free access to public spaces. This conversation covers a wide variety of topics related to nudism in the modern world. Topics discussed: South Florida Free Beaches (and their Beach Ambassadors program), how to lobby a local government to open a nude beach, the economic impact of nude beaches, Blind Creek Beach, Treasure Coast Naturists, Haulover Beach, Hutchinson Island, Apollo Beach, political lobbyists for nudism, the ACLU’s protection of nudity, Ocala National Forest, AANR, Hampstead Heath, the Orient Land Trust, the (de)evolution of showering and swimming nude, his experience of getting arrested for nude sunbathing on a nude beach, neurotic modesty, Friends of Mazo Beach, Tampa Area Naturists, Florida Young Naturists

Adam Schwietert