These are the principles that guide most of our events. Event leaders are allowed some flexibility, so please read the details of each event before attending.




Subjectively Naked

For our coed events, men need to be fully nude and women are allowed to wear bottoms. Why? For a woman, going topless or even breastfeeding in public can be seen as a subversive or erotic display, while men enjoy much more clothes-freedom. Because nudity may present menstruating women* and trans people with technical or psychological difficulties, we allow anyone with these concerns to wear bottoms and any other gender-affirming devices (breastplates/packers/etc). *We support hygienic free-bleeding.

Cruise Control

Cruising means looking for a date or sex (more here). You might be perceived as a cruiser if you do any of the following:


- ask someone to meet outside of the event
- ask about someone’s relationship status
- compliment someone’s physical features
- maintain a close distance during conversation
- follow someone around an event (be friendly, not clingy)
- stare at a person’s body during conversation


There are some circumstances when the above behaviors might be appropriate at a platonic event, but this is not likely to be the case between two people who barely know each other. We suggest that you err on the side of caution if you have any doubt. If you are the recipient of unwanted attention, please inform an event coordinator and/or ask the person to stop.

Verbal Consent

Nudity is not an invitation. At our events, you must ask permission before touching anyone with whom you are not very familiar. This includes non-sexual touch, such as a hand on the shoulder or a hug.

Much ado about boners…

Men, if you feel yourself getting an erection, please be discrete or excuse yourself until it goes away. If you’re a man and this rule freaks you out, trust that most newcomers are able to deal with it discretely. This is the #1 question we get from beginners, and it ends up not being a big deal for most of them. Rather than banning boners (as if that were possible), we just ask that you be aware of how others might interpret an erect penis pointing at them during conversation.


If you meet someone at one of our events, then see that person outside of the event (or find them online), do not mention anything about Just Naked. Some people need to keep their participation private and we respect that.


Ask permission before photographing or recording anyone, even if you think they are unidentifiable in the shot.

No Drugs

While some of our events allow responsible BYOB, this will never be the featured activity. If you are visibly intoxicated, you will be asked to leave.


Please tell us if anyone makes you feel uncomfortable at our events or associated online platforms. We'll do our best to address the situation without outing you to them.




What is safer space?

The concept of safe space is subjective, as each person has a different idea of what safety means. For some, a safe space provides protection from physical harm, and for others it means a place that provides deep emotional comfort. Just Naked specifically aims to provide safer space, meaning safer than many other naked spaces (and certainly safer than being naked in public). Because our definition is also subjective, we require that everyone know the rules of each group so they can intuit whether that space would be good for them.

Is being naked sexual?

Yes! Well, maybe yes!… Maybe not? It depends on your biology and conditioning. You might find that your first few Just Naked events are very arousing (though you’d do well to keep that to yourself), but over time it’s less interesting and eventually it’s really a platonic experience. This is the usual report we hear, though it’s alright if it’s never sexual for you or always sexual (but again, keep it to yourself). Sexuality is not easy to define, so we don’t try. Our goal is to allow people to experience something new and grow from it.

Do I need to bring anything?

For most events you’ll just need your ID, but read the details of each event to be sure.

What if I don’t live near an event?

As of Fall 2018, we are only holding events in NYC. If you live in or near another major city and would like to start a local group, please reach out to us. If it’s a good fit, we can get you started with our Builder program. We will train you to hold naked space, develop a curriculum, and find the resources you need to hold the event. Additionally, please follow our digital outlets (see the bottom of the page) to stay up-to-date and engaged with the online community.

How do I hold my own Just Naked event?

Become a Builder! If we think it’s a good fit, we’ll train you, refine the details, and hook you up with whatever you need to get started. As a Just Naked Builder, you will have access to our network of participants, your own email address, and advice from other Builders. Please know that you do not need to be a master of your craft to hold a naked space - you just need to master the basics of how to do it in a way that promotes safety and growth. Please also consider volunteering in exchange for class passes and other perks.